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Pet Supplies

Wacky Wags Pet Supply, Chico's best local pet supply store, is constantly striving to bring our customers a wide variety of natural products. These select products will enhance health and wellness for your furry best friends. We are always sourcing Made-In-The-USA whenever possible.  

dog food
Food Options: Dry foods & Wet foods

We carry limited ingredient, highly palatable single-protein-source pet formulas for dogs. Our foods boasts nutrient-driven, solution-focused diets making it a great choice for dogs with food sensitivities, sensitive stomachs and/or allergies. You will not find this food in any big box stores or online.

We currently offer a variety of dry recipes and wet recipes with both grain inclusive and grain free options. Here are the Brands we carry:

• Nutrisource

• PureVita

Wacky Wags also has a Frequent Buyer Loyalty Program where you can buy 12 of the same species and size and get the next one FREE!


Wacky Wags offers a wide variety of USA sourced treats. We have an assortment of training treats, tasty biscuits, freeze dried goodies and filled bones with tasty flavors!

Here are some of the Brands we carry:

• Grandma Lucys

• Nutri Source

• Pet Releaf

• Earthborn

• Nylabone

• Earth Animal

• Starmark

• Red Barn

• Smoke House

• Indigenous- Dental health

• Antlers

• No Hide

Plus so much more!

dog pet treats
pet CBD
From Seed to Sale, From Plant to Pet

With Pet Releaf, we strive to bring pets all-natural hemp products that incorporate functional ingredients to further support your pet’s wellness. From Hemp Oils to Edibites, we offer a variety of hemp products for dogs and cats.

Just like humans, pets have a biological system that interacts with brain receptors that are sensitive to hemp. This system activates when hemp is consumed and allows a 2-way communication system between the brain and various parts of the body, such as the immune system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and more. This is why you may hear about hemp being beneficial in so many areas of health.

Because of this, Pet Releaf products can help support a normal inflammatory response, a healthy immune system, occasional hip and joint discomfort, and promote calmness and relaxation!

Stop by to see if we can help you with your furry best friend.


Pets are just like people the one with the most toys win! That seems about right. Here at Wacky Wags we can make your pups dreams come true, we have puzzle toys, fetch toys, squeaky toys, glow toys, laser toys, cuddle toys and so much more. Most toys we carry you will not find at big box stores.

Here are some of the Brands we carry:

• Kong

• Jolly Pets

• Chuckit

• Tuffy

• Outward Hound

• GoDog

Plus so much more!

dog pet toys
Leashes, Collars & Harnesses

Wacky Wags is a Certified Ruffwear Reseller. We carry a full line of Ruffwear Harnesses, Collars, Leashes, Backpacks, Life Jacket, Seaters & Coats and Cooling vests. We carry Ruffwear bowls, treat pouches, kibble caddies, bowl trays, travel gear, dog shoes, toys and so much more. It's best to come in and see for yourself.

Wacky Wags also carries leather leashes, chain leashes, gentle leaders, poop bags, re-tractable leashes, slow feeder bowls, grooming supplies, supplements and everything you might need for your pet. Most of our products we carry you will not fine in the big box stores.

Wacky Wags is a big supporter of local businesses and we ask that when it's time for your next leash, harness, toy, treat or dog food that you'll look local to support where you live.

North State Metal Art

Wacky Wags has partnered with North State Metal to bring you unique custom art work that will last for years. North State Metal offers custom dog breed specific art work and can be tailored to your pups name or looks. NSM offers home decor and outdoor items that would look awesome in any home or cabin. NSM has landscapes, mountain scenery, wildlife, tree spikes, phrases, automobilia, signage, ocean life and so much more. We encourage you to come down and check out whats in store, but they also have a wonderful website where you can order directly from North State Metal just by clicking here.

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metal art
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